Pulsatilla is the dry root of a plant in the buttercup family. It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and stopping dysentery. For the treatment of heat, blood, dysentery, Yin and itching with other diseases.

In this article, according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 edition method for the determination of the content of Pulsatilla chinensis, Welch Ultisil®XB-C18 was used for the determination, and the results meet the detection requirements.

1. Chromatographic conditions

Column: Ultisil®XB-C18, (4.6×300mm,5μm)
Mobile phase: Methanol/water = 64/36;
Wavelength: 201nm;
Temperature: 40 ℃;
Flow rate: 1.0ml/min;
Injection volume: 10 μ L.
Note: Injecting 20 μL of reference substance will have obvious solvent effect

Mobile phase Preparation

Mobile phase: chromatographic pure methanol, purified water, online mixing in proportion.

2. Data and spectrum

  1. Mixed standard solution
RTAreaHeightPlate noTailingSeparation

2. Sample solution

RTAreaHeightPlate noTailingSeparation

3. Conclusion

Using Ultisil®XB-C18, (4.6×300mm,5μm) to measure under this chromatographic condition, it can meet the detection requirements.


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