Chromatographic conditions

Chromatographic column: Welch Ultisil®XB-Phenyl(4.6 × 250mm,5 μ m)

Mobile phase: Take 4.4g dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, add 1000ml Wahaha water, adjust the pH to 6.5 with phosphoric acid, filter by suction, mix 630ml dipotassium hydrogen phosphate solution with 350ml methanol and 20ml acetonitrile, and degass by ultrasonic.

Acetonitrile / methanol / phosphate = 2 / 35 / 63;

Detection wavelength: 215nm;

Column temperature: 35 ℃;

Flow rate: 1.0ml/min;

Injection volume: 10 μ L.

Diagram and data

Blank solvent diagram

System adaptability diagram

P/NRTAreaHeightResolutionPlate noTailing
Pilocarpic acid hydrochloride3.4011232312149981851.23
Isopilocarpic acid hydrochloride3.702128029211031.9287381.32
Isopilocarpine hydrochloride10.482104940887827.77170781.86
Pilocarpine hydrochloride11.06775152845201951.64137181.04


With Welch Ultisil®XB-Phenyl(4.6 × 250mm,5 μ m) , under this chromatographic condition, it can meet the requirements of detection.

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