Nelumbinis Plumula

Nelumbinis plumula is the green leaf and radicle of lotus seed (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn). Lotus is an aquatic plant, growing in the shallow water, lakes, marshes, swamps and ponds. Lotus seed has the effect of clearing away the heart fire and tranquillizing, restoring normal coordination between heart and kidney.

Preparation of Mobile Phase

Mobile phase: take 1.02 g natrium aceticum and 2.0 g sodium dodecyl sulfonate (Aladdin), then add it with 500 mL of ultrapure water anad mix well. Adjust pH to 3.0 with glacial acetic acid to obtain sodium acetate solution of 0.015 mol/L, then filter. Take 480 mL of the above solution and mix it with 520 mL pure acetonitrile. Degas it with ultrasound to obtain.

Chromatographic Conditions

Column: Ultisil® XB C18(4.6×250 mm,5μm).

Mobile phase: 0.015 mol/L sodium acetate solution: take 1.02 g sodium acetate and 2.0 g sodium dodecyl sulfonate. Add it with 500 mL ultrapure water and mix well, then adjust pH to 3.0 with glacial acetic acid to obtain the sodium acetate solution of 0.015 mol/L. Filter to obtain.

acetonitrile/ 0.015 mol/L sodium acetate solution =52/48

Detection wavelength: 282 nm

Column temperature: 30℃

Flow rate: 1.0 ml/min

Injection volume: 10μL

Chromatogram and Data

Reference solution

RtAreaHeightSymmetry factorWidthPlatesResolutionSelectivity

Test solution

RtAreaHeightSymmetry factorWidthPlatesResolutionSelectivity


Using Ultisil® XB-C18(4.6×250mm,5μm) under this chromatographic condition can meet test requirements.

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