Maltitol, also known as hydrogenated maltose, is a new sweetener, which is widely used in sugar flavor food processing. In the past, the sweeteners people used to eat were basically sugars with high calorie and sweetness, which were easy to cause diseases such as diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis and heart failure. Maltitol has high sweetness, low heat, good safety, sufficient raw materials and simple manufacturing process. It has unique properties that other sweeteners do not have.

Structural type:

In this article, Welch Xtimate® SUGAR-CA column was used for the determination of maltitol content in accordance with the method of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 edition. Results The determination under the chromatographic conditions can meet the requirements of detection.

1. Chromatographic conditions

Column: Xtimate ® Sugar-Ca(7.8 × 300mm,5 μ m)。
Mobile phase: water;
Wavelength: differential refraction detector, detector temperature 40 ℃;
Temperature: 75 ℃;
Flow rate: 0.5ml/min;
Injection volume: 20 μ L.

2. Data and spectrum

  1. Mixed standard solution
RTAreaHeightTailingWidthPlate noSeparationSelectivity

2. Sample solution

RTAreaHeightTailingWidthPlate noSeparationSelectivity
14.0123.61018e6 6.05829e4 0.93 0.4680 5043

3. Conclusion

Using Xtimate® Sugar-Ca (7.8×300mm, 5μm) to measure under this chromatographic condition, it can meet the detection requirements.


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