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Vitamin K1, also known as the plant methylnaphthoquinone, chlorphenoquinone, chlorphenoquinone, 2-methyl-3- phytol-1,4-naphthoquinone, is a polycyclic aromatic ketone and fat-soluble vitamin. Extensively existing in natural green plants, Vitamin K1 is stable in the air and moisture, but it will be decomposed in the sun.

As the necessary substance for liver synthesis factors II, VII, IX, X,  Vitamin K1 is mainly used for the treatment of hemorrhagic diseases caused by vitamin K deficiency.

Constitutional Formula

Chromatographic Condition

Column: Topsil®Silica(4.6×300mm,5μm)

Mobile phase: Petroleum ether (60~90℃)/n-pentanol =2000/2.5;

Wavelength: 254nm

Column Temp:40℃

Flow rate:0.6ml/min

Injection volume:10μL

Reference Substance Solution

PeakRtAreaHeightPlatesResolutionTailing factor
Total_258192711604469 _ _ _

Test Sample Solution

PeakRtAreaHeightPlatesResolutionTailing factor
Total_283722031832670 _ _ _


Using Topsil® Silica(4.6×300mm,5 μm)  under this chromatographic condition can meet the test requirements.

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