Glucose is an organic compound and it’s molecular formula is-C6H12O6. This is the most widely distributed and important monosaccharide in nature. It is a polyhydroxy aldehyde. Pure glucose is colorless crystal with sweet taste, but it is not as sweet as sucrose. It is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and insoluble in ether. Glucose plays an important role in the field of biology. It is the energy source and metabolic intermediate product of living cells, that is, the main energy supply of organisms. Plants can produce glucose through photosynthesis. It is widely used in confectionery manufacturing and medicine.

According to the method of EP Pharmacopoeia, Welch Xtimate Sugar Ca was used for detection and the results can meet the testing requirements.

1. Chromatography Conditions

Column: Welch Xtimate ® Sugar-Ca(7.8 × 300mm,5 μ m)
Mobile PhaseWater
Rid Detector40℃
Temperature85 ℃
Flow rate0.25mL/min;
Injection volume 20μL

2. Data

1. Mixed solution of sample and impurity – Enlarged view


2. Mixed solution of sample and impurity – Full scale view

3. Conclusion

Using Welch Xtimate® Sugar-Ca (7.8×300mm, 5μm) chromatographic column, under the chromatographic conditions, can meet the experimental needs.

4. Ordering Information

Product nameSpecificationItem No.
Xtimate® Sugar-Ca7.8×300mm,5μm00108-41052

If you have any problem or require further information, please contact info@welchmat.com.

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