Ultisil® Amino Acid Column

Ultisil® Amino Acid HPLC columns are made from spherical, totally porous, and ultra-high purity (>99.999%) type B silica particles. Our proprietary surface modification before bonding generates a very smooth and uniform surface with less acidic surface silanol. Ultisil® Amino Acid columns provide the best performance in peak shape, efficiency and resolution for the analysis of 18 amino acids. Complete sample preparation can be achieved in as short as 30 min.

1. Aspartic acid 2. Glutamic acid 3. Serine 4. Glycine 5. Histidine 6. Arginine 7.Threonine 8. Alanine 9. Proline 10.Ammonium chloride 11. Tyrosine 12.Valine 13. Methionine 14. Cystine 15. Isoleucine 16. Leucine 17. Norleucine 18. Phenylalanine 19. Lysine

Ultisil® Amino Acid Plus Column

Ultisil® Amino Acid Plus column is a kind of new product which through further optimizing the analysis method on the basis of the original dedicated column for amino acids analysis. It uses an ELSD to detect more kinds of Amino acids with higher stability without derivation.

1. Taurine 2. Glycine 3. Serine 4. Aspartic acid 5. Hydroxyproline 6. Glutamine 7.Threonine 8. Alanine 9. Glutamic acid 10. Cysteine 11. Proline 12. Cystine 13.Valine 14. Lysine 15. Histidine 16.Methionine 17. Tyrosine 18. Arginine 19. Isoleucine  20. Leucine 21. Norleucine 22. Phenylalanine 23. Tryptophan

Ultisil® OAA Column

Ultisil ® OAA is a dedicated reverse-phase HPLC column developed by Welch Materials for the detection of water-soluble organic acids. It is designed for efficient and high-throughput organic acid analysis. Compared with the conventional reversed phase C18 column, OAA dedicated column has better performance and higher resolution with more uniform peaks through the unique bonding technology improvement.

1. Oxalic acid 2. Tartaric acid 3. Quinic acid 4. Methanoic acid 5. Pyruvic acid  6. Malic Acid 7. Ascorbic acid 8. Lactic acid  9.Acetic acid 10. maleic acid 11. Citric acid 12. Fumaric acid13. Cis-aconitic acid  14.Acrylic acid 15. Propionic acid  16.Citraconic acid

Ultisil® PAH Column

Ultisil® PAH Column is a special column recently designed by Welch for the separation of PAHs in EPA method 610. PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon) are hydrocarbons with two or more benzene rings, and considered major pollutants. Therefore, the analysis of these potentially carcinogenic compounds in water, air, soil and food takes high priority. Most of PAHs do not exist alone. Substances that may contain PAHs include charcoal, crude oil, creosote, tar, drugs, dyes, plastic, rubber, pesticide, lube, release agent, electrolyte, mineral oil, pitch, insecticide, and bactericide, etc.

1. Naphthalene 2.Acenaphthylene 3. 1- Methyl benzene 4. 2- Methyl benzene 5.Acenaphthene 6.Fluorene 7.Phenanthrene 8.Anthracene 9.Fluoranthene 10.Pyrene 11.Benzo(a)anthracene 12.Chrysene 13.Benzo(b)fluoranthene 14.Benzo(k)fluoranthene 15.Benzo(a)pyrene 16.Indeno(1,2,3cd)pyrene 17.Dibenzo(a,h)anthracene 18.Benzo(g,hi)perylene

Blossmate® PSV C18 Column

Blossmate® PSV C18 Column shows full compatibility when used with technologies such as LC-MS and can be widely used in the analysis of various components such as oligosaccharides, amino acids, small peptides, nucleotides and organic acids.

Ordering Information

H00211-31043Ultisil® Amino Acid4.6×250 mm, 5 µm
H00279-31044Ultisil® Amino Acid Plus4.6×300mm
H00278-31044Ultisil® OAA4.6×300mm
00605-21043/00605-21041Blossmate® PSV C184.6×250 mm

Ultisil® PAH Column

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