1. Friability Testing

Friability is the property of a tablet to break or break easily when compressed, may be caused by shock or abrasion during subsequent production, packaging or transportation. Usually, the quality of the tablet is affected to some extent because of the uncoated or surface condition of the tablet.

Tablets must be hard enough not to break for product stability and dose uniformity. But it must be brittle enough to break down in the gastrointestinal tract and release the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

For coated tablets, granules, spheroids, the friability cannot be measured with a traditional friability tester because the dosage form is too hard to obtain a meaningful measurement. In this case, European Pharmacopoeia chapter 2.9.41 describes that equipment such as the Copley Friabimat SA-400 produces the necessary grinding force to determine the friability properties of these solid dosage forms.

2. The introduction of Copley Friabimat SA-400 Friability Tester

Quantitative abrasion of hard tablets, granules, pills
Stainless steel shell
Clear acrylic cover and magnetic lock, make sure of safe using
Option: vibration frequency verification certificate

Compliance certificates, comprehensive IQ/OQ documentation packages and toolkits are available.

3. Copley’s 3 types of Friability Tester

For normal tablets, Copley FRV100i and 200i are good choices. For hard tablets, Friabimat SA-400 is good choice.

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