In liquid chromatography, the small vials used for sample injection pose certain practical challenges in terms of cleaning. Due to their narrow openings and limited volume, they are not easily cleaned manually, resulting in relatively low efficiency. When attempting to clean them using ultrasonic methods, it is difficult to ensure that each vial is completely filled with water, leading to inconsistent cleaning. Additionally, manual cleaning necessitates higher consumption of cleaning agents and water resources. The lack of standardized cleaning methods further compounds the issue, making it difficult to establish uniform cleaning procedures. As a result, the cleaning process still encounters some practical difficulties. Watbule C series sample vial cleaning machine launched by Welch Materials is compact and easy to use. It is specially designed for cleaning sample vials, and allows for simultaneous installation of basket racks for cleaning on both upper and lower layers, enabling a total of 476 sample vials to be cleaned at once.


  • Compact and easy to use;
  • Designed specifically for cleaning small laboratory vessels such as sample vials;
  • Water-saving, energy-saving, and labor-saving.
Watbule C sample vial cleaning machine features a dual-layer basket rack design.

During the sample vial cleaning process, a specially designed basket rack is used, and each sample vial is equipped with a dedicated cleaning nozzle to ensure that the incoming water flushes out contaminants. The external surface of the sample vials is cleaned through the use of upper and lower spray arms, allowing for a thorough 360-degree cleaning of the sample vials, ensuring that even hard-to-clean sample vials can be thoroughly washed.

The sample vials receive 360-degree cleaning
Filter mesh for collecting label paper

The interior floor of the cleaning machine is designed with an incline to facilitate the convergence and outflow of cleaning water, preventing water accumulation inside the chamber. At the lowest point of the floor, there is a collection trough to gather labels and other materials from the cleaned sample vials, thus preventing them from clogging the internal water pipelines. The cleaning machine is equipped with two rotating spray arms, one on the top and one on the bottom, ensuring a more comprehensive cleaning of the vessels.

Filter mesh for filtering hot air during drying

Watbule C series sample vial cleaning machine is equipped with a hot air drying function, utilizing a dual-layer HEPA filter to ensure the cleanliness of the air during the drying process. The instrument is equipped with an alarm system to indicate any filter failure. The time and temperature of hot air drying can be adjusted according to requirements. The hot air that enters the chamber and comes into contact with the vessel surfaces is effectively filtered, ensuring that the cleaned vessels remain uncontaminated and the cleaning results are maintained. Every step, from cleaning to drying, is optimized through thoughtful design.

By selecting additional basket racks, the machine can also clean other small laboratory vessels, such as volumetric flasks, pipettes, reagent bottles, colorimetric dishes, test tubes, graduated cylinders, viscometers, centrifuge tubes, culture dishes, and more.


can be cleaned at one time
Max. Number of 2mL vials :
476 pieces.
Number of Cleaning Layers:1-2 layers.
Inner Chamber Volume:170L
Cleaning Method:135 methods
Standard Basket Rack4 standard sample bottle cleaning baskets
Disinfection Temperature:93℃
Appointment Function:Equipped with reservation cleaning and delayed shutdown functions
Conductivity Monitoring:Conductivity monitoring is available on C13
Data Export:Optional printing function
Interior Chamber Illumination:Built-in dual lighting control
Multi-Level Access Management:Available
Spraying System:It is equipped with a spray arm speed induction system. The speed can be adjusted
according to the type of vessels cleaned, and real -time monitoring can be performed
to ensure that the speed is set in the set range.
Distribution Pump:2 peristaltic pumps
Condensing Device:Available
Thermal Insulation:Insulated with high-temperature resistant insulation cotton
Sound Insulation:Maximum noise during operation: ≤70dB(A)
Drying Method:Hot air drying, adjustable drying time and temperature
Door Control:Automatic induction-type cabin door, double-layer tempered glass soundproof and heat-insulated viewing window
Power Failure Memory Cleaning Function:Available
Casing Material:SUS304, brushed treatment
Inner Chamber Material:SUS316, mirror treatment
Operating Voltage:AC220V±10%(C12), AC380V±10%(C13)
Overall Dimensions:612*750*830mm(W*D*H)


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