3-Ethoxy-4-ethoxycarbonyl phenylacetic acid and its isomer on Ultisil XS-C18

Sample Name 3-Ethoxy-4-ethoxycarbonyl phenylacetic acid and its isomer Number    W20180111-001  Weight / Formulation / Receipt Time 2018/01/11 Test Time 2018/01/11~01/12 Specification        Principal component             Isomer Test Test Item Related substances Standards Reference Chinese Pharmacopoeia Standard Sample Yes Instrument Type HPLC Version Ultisil® 3000

Determination of Cis-trans Isomers in Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1, also known as the plant methylnaphthoquinone, chlorphenoquinone, chlorphenoquinone, 2-methyl-3- phytol-1,4-naphthoquinone, is a polycyclic aromatic ketone and fat-soluble vitamin. Extensively existing in natural green plants, Vitamin K1 is stable in the air and moisture, but it will be decomposed in the sun. As the necessary substance for liver synthesis factors II, VII, IX, X, Read more…