Do you still feel tired about complicated and time-consuming autosampler selection? In pursuit of more efficient and faster sample injection, Welch provides preparative autosampler below.

Preparative Autosampler


  • 277×280×335 mm
  • Switch valve + electric valve + plunger pump mode
  • Electric six-way valve
  • Software can be controlled by program
  • Weight:10.5 kg

Parameters of preparative autosampler:

TypePreparative autosampler(AS-0011)
Sample port11 port
Quantitative ring volume1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml are available, usually 20ml
Injection volume100ul~20ml for one time,the software supports large volume segment injection
The smallest increment1 ul
Injection accuracy10 ul
Injecting modePartial injection, full loop injection, lossless injection (default)
Cleaning modeSample room cleaning, injecting room cleaning, no cleaning
ModeSwitch valve + electric valve + plunger pump mode
Pressure range<40MPa
Flow rate range0-200ml/min

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