Welch Materials attended Analytica Latin America 2019 in Sao Paulo at 24-26th Sep.

Welch Booth

Analytica is one of the main global gathering places for the chemical and analytical industry. Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of sectors, such as laboratory technology, biotechnology and quality control exhibit the latest news and trends of the sector during this biennial event.

In this exhibition, Welch has displayed HPLC columns, Ghost-Buster columns, SPE columns, QuEChERS, Flash columns, Protein Purification products, etc, which have received great interests and praise from visitors.

Introduce company

Talk with local distributor

Talk with partner

Talk with college student

Introduce SPE&Quecher(For sample pre-preparation)

Talk with end-user

Exchange business card

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If you have any problem or require further information, please contact info@welchmat.com.

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