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SPE columns

    Since 2005, Welch Materials, Inc. has launched UltisilTM (also called Ultimate® in China market), Xtimate®, and Topsil® series of HPLC chromatography column packing and products into the China market, with excellent chromatographic performance, competitive price and  the best professional services. Those products have won the trust from the majority of users. With several years of increased market share, Welch Materials now has become one of the top several major suppliers of HPLC column product line in China.

    Based on our core chromatographic packing technology and strong new product development ability, Welch Materials also developed a series of Welchrom® SPE products (Welchrom® is a registered trade mark of Welch Materials), including silica-based, polymer-based products, and other inorganicsorbent, and specialty and mixed phases.

    Welchrom® SPE products are manufactured using state-of- the-art automation to guarantee quality and consistency. We have high standards of a series of quality assurance measurements to characterize raw materials and semi- finished packing, such as pore size, pore volume, surface area and the carbon loading, to ensure Welchrom® SPE products excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and high extraction efficiency.

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